Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have pertaining to the support you desire for your journey to parenthood. We want to make sure that we are the perfect match for eachother, so this step is important to ensure you receive the services you truly desire. Remember, this is all about you and we are here to help you achieve the goals you envision for the sacred birth of your baby.

“The Small Footprint”

Your doula support package will feature continuous and exceptional emotional, physical and informational support. You will be provided two to three prenatal appointments and 24 hour on-call support. We will be available to support you during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum hours (up to two to three hours directly after birth).

At your first prenatal appointment, we cultivate your birth plan together that works to satisfy your specific needs for labor and birth and a plan that honors your bodily autonomy. Although birth doesn’t always go as planned, it’s comforting to have a plan that can help guide you and your birth team. We will introduce natural and holistic stress & relaxation techniques to assist in reducing pain and to help keep you comfortable. You will also learn different birthing positions to achieve a more safe and optimal birth that are helpful for not only you, but your baby.

Included will also be three, 2 hour daytime postpartum home visits and two, 3 hour night-time postpartum visits. However, we also believe in caring for the new parent for the first 40 days after birth. You may use our services during that 40 days at your discretion with a surcharge of $30 per visit.

We want this experience to be one that you’ll smile and about forever. The way you being your baby into the world matters and so do your options, recovery and the way you feel about your birth.

Think of it as,“Birth Day, Your Way”.

Fee: $1100

*Please ask about our sliding scale
for those in financial hardship.

Sound like a plan you’re interested in? Head on over to our “Contact” page and leave your name, number, e-mail and an inquiry about our services.

Additional Services

Reiki Chakra Healing and Aura Cleansing
This service is for those that desire to cleanse and initiate healing from what no longer supports their most authentic selves. This includes using universal life force energy through gentle and light touch or simply holding the hands slightly above each Chakra or area where the Reiki therapist feels called to use energy healing.

Examples of things people use Reiki for are:

•womb wellness, fertility support, pregnancy, postpartum

•working through trauma

• limited beliefs about oneself

•old unhealthy behaviors and patterns that you’ve learned throughout life to protect you but no longer work to keep you safe and grounded

•healing your inner-child (useful for those that had narcissistic, abusive or absent parents)

•coping with chronic pain and illness

•cleansing your energetic disposition and aura

and so much more.

30 Minute Session: $30
60 Minute Session: $60